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Dagger From A Friend (#102)

At one point, Job’s entire world came crashing down around him. He had lost everything: his flocks, herds, and most devastatingly of all, he had lost all of his children in the matter of one day. In today’s culture, Job losing his flocks and herds was the equivalent to someone losing their job, as well…

Begin Again (#101)

Jesus and His disciples had withdrew as the Crucifixion approached. A short time later, Jesus begins to inform the disciples about the suffering and terrible things He would have to endure. His words were shocking, unfathomable, and Peter quickly cuts Him off (almost out of terror to hear more) declaring that he would follow Jesus…

The Remnants (#100)

The nation of Israel found themselves at a fork in the road when they arrived in Jerusalem. Most of the people prayed to Baal and other false gods. These gods were adored by many as they believed them to be their guide and salvation. A small remnant avoided them altogether as they knew in their…

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