We are a choice away from a changed life – either for the good or for the bad.

Disobedience denies, disqualifies or delays our destiny that God has for us.

Don’t become rash in your frustrations. Ask God to give you peace of mind to think clearly.

If I chose not to discipline myself, and continue to go my way, God will do it for me.

The mistakes that we make are not the end of our story.

The cumulative decisions we make determine the legacy we leave.

I can march into an unknown future, with boldness, because God is already there.

The secret to being content is to fall in love with what you already have.

“I the LORD have spoken, and I will do it.” – Ezekiel 22:14

When God says He will do something, you can trust Him to carry out His promise.

God cleanses the things in our life that are bad for us and stunt our spiritual growth.

Have discernment in what people say. Especially those who claim they are speaking from God.

God makes His children people of courage.

God, thank You for your faithfulness. Help me to live for you and as a child of the Promise. You make life worth living. Help me to live the abundant life. 

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