Sin appeals to our senses (the physical aspects of our reality) which makes it so dangerous. Guard your heart and mind. (Proverbs 7:16 – 18)

Wisdom and understanding are all around us. It is up to us to seek them and hear the lessons they want to teach us. (Proverbs 8:1, 4)

Remember with the same effort you pray and let your requests be known to God, pray for others just as much.

God is a God of abundance. He wants to bless you greatly. Not only does he provide for your needs, but He also wants to bless you with the things money can’t buy (joy, peace of mind, health, clarity, contentment).

Simple acts of kindness that someone bestows upon you, is God’s way of telling you that He sees you and loves you. Be kind to others as well.

Don’t be afraid in parts of the journey you may find yourself in today (The Black Forest of doubt and fear). Believe in Christ, trust His Word and in His promises, and the Light will dawn.

Live God’s kingdom practically now and today. It is not something only for some vague distant future. Put into practice the lessons you have learned from His Word today.

God is our Light in confusing times.

“Be strong, and don’t let your hands be slack; for your work shall be rewarded.” (II Chronicles 15:7)

Who (or what) do you put your hope and security in? Be honest with yourself. And if you are still searching, why haven’t you found it yet?

God, Your Word brings me much peace. I ask for more wisdom, understanding, and clarity when reading your Word. Also, help it to become alive in my life.

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