Listen attentively to God’s Word. Observe and obey His commands and walk humbly before Him.

What God started, He will complete.

God will always see us through anything we may face. He is not just with us during the good times and our mountain top moments. He is also with us during the difficult times and the dark valleys.

God’s “No” is just as good as His “Yes.” He knows what is best!

It’s not about our preferences or even demands. It is about God’s glory.

Remember the past and how God has provided for you.

God’s freedom is true and sustains. The enemy gives pseudo freedom; it is never enough, it never satisfies, and you are always left searching. There is no true peace that comes with it.

People can sense and know truth when they hear it.

Because of Christ, we always have hope in this life.

God goes before us, with us, and behind us.

Any sin is very serious in God’s eyes.

No matter how dark the day may seem, make it a practice to continually acknowledge God’s sovereignty over your world.

Only God should be feared. Not what man can do.

“It is YOU alone who are to be feared.” Psalm 76:7

Actively move toward God making commitments to Him and carrying them out.

“Make vows to the LORD your God and fulfill them.” Psalm 76:11

Make it your ambition to not merely be called a Christian, but really be found to be one.

Nothing visible is Eternal.

Do not speak of Jesus Christ with your lips, but have your heart set on desires of the world.

The blood of Jesus is incorruptible love and Eternal life.

Prayers and Declarations from Daniel 2

Teach me to be like Daniel; a person of action and ready to face a challenge head on. (2:16)

Show me specific prayers and how to pray them. (2:18)

Please depose of evil/corrupt leaders in our government and influential spheres. Raise up God-fearing people in their place. (2:21)

I ask for revelation of deep and hidden things. (2:22)

Praise God for answers to specific prayers. (2:23)

God knows the solution to every problem on Earth. Ask Him for the answers you seek. (2:28)

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