The presence of God is very personal, but I must become comfortable with silence. That is another way God works; through patience and silence.

I can experience a close friendship with God, the King of Kings.

Sometimes my heart has to be prepared in order to hear God speak.

God can be silent for days – or even seasons. Between Malachi to Matthew, there was 400 years that God didn’t speak a new word to the people.

God will raise the righteous up.

Do not doubt the wisdom of God’s timing. Wait for Him to reveal His plan.

“Have an enthusiastic devotion to duty, a passionate love of sacrifice, and an utter fearlessness in the defense of Christian truth.”

– Book of the christian martyrs

“The times require thee, as pilots require winds, and as one tossed at sea requires a haven. Be vigilant as God’s athlete. Stand firm like an anvil under the blows of the hammer. It is the part of a great athlete to receive blows and to conquer. Be yet more diligent than you are, learn to know the times.” – St. Ignatius of Antioch

Prayers and Declarations from Isaiah 19

Bring the wicked’s plans to nothing. (19:3)

When we cry out to you in our oppression, please send us a Savior and Defender who will rescue us. (19:20)

Help us turn to You and please respond to our pleas and heal us. (19:22)

Help our nation that is so divided come together. (19:23)

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