God will guide the redeemed.

It is important to keep ourselves in the Word so we can always have a renewing of the mind.

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”

God hears and responds to the plea of His people. He always has and He always will.

Experience the promises of God here and now, in this life today.

God does not work in a rushed way.

What makes hell such an awful place is because God’s presence is not there.

“We praise you, for Your Name is near.” – Psalm 75:11

God is near you and He cares for you. Even if you don’t think so, He does.

“I choose the appointed time.” – Psalm 75:2

The very times we are in, are in God’s hands.

Prayers and Declarations from Luke 24

I long for You to speak to me. Help me remember Your words. (24:6, 8)

Do not let my eyes be restrained or let me be slow of heart to believe and know You. (24:16, 25, 31)

Let my heart burn within me while You speak to me. (24:32)

Please open the Scriptures to me. (24:32)

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