The nation of Israel found themselves at a fork in the road when they arrived in Jerusalem. Most of the people prayed to Baal and other false gods. These gods were adored by many as they believed them to be their guide and salvation. A small remnant avoided them altogether as they knew in their heart there was only One True God. One of these few notable outliers was a man named Elijah. He remained steadfast in his obedience to the Lord’s commands.

After some time had passed, Elijah realized that it was time for the people to make a decision about who they would follow as their ruler. As a result, he convened a meeting with the king and all of Baal’s prophets in order to further explore the situation in question. He proposed a plan: that the wicked prophets construct an altar and offer a sacrifice, while simultaneously pleading with their deities to send down fire.

Do not let me deceived and, in turn, be made captive to the enemy. (Nahum 3:10)

Their efforts began in the early morning hours and continued throughout the day, but they were ultimately in vain as they realized the gods they called upon failed to answer their pleas. Following this revelation, Elijah proceeded to construct a large altar, totally covering it and its surroundings with water. Then he called out to The Eternal One. In response to his cry, fire descended from Heaven as evidence that the Lord is, in fact, the Most High and Living God.

“Let salvation spring up.” Isaiah 45:8

In order for people in our lives (friends, family, coworkers) to believe in God, they may also require visible confirmation that He is real and that He intervenes in real-life events. They want to see evidence of how He has transformed minds and hearts and, ultimately, lives. When you come across these individuals, you should keep Elijah in mind and pray that God would send them a sign to guide them in the right direction. Or perhaps, The Holy Spirit will guide you to be a living witness to them and speak of His life-changing power.

Open my eyes to the harvest. (John 4:35)

God, thank You for being the God who listens! I pray for (name) who needs a reminder of Your Presence and Majesty. Send them confirmation that they would understand how powerful, merciful, and real You are!

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