“My soul is downcast within me; therefore, I will remember You.” – Psalm 42:6

We all have down days from time to time. When presented with a difficult occurrence, such as the death of a loved one, or when confronted with the unknown, we may succumb to feelings of fear and anxiety. When the waters appear to be closing in on you, remember how God has provided assistance thus far. He will never leave you or forsake you.

“By day, the LORD directs His love. At night, His song is with me – a prayer to the God of my life.” – Psalm 42:9

God is available to talk to 24/7. No appointments need to be scheduled. There is no busy line. There is not a long line of people hoping for a chance to get in. He wants you to talk to Him. He wants to hear your voice.

One antidote for depression is to meditate on the record of God’s goodness to His people (to you!). Focus on God’s ability to help you rather than the inability to help yourself.

If you do not feel a desire to talk to God or read His Word, this may be a sign that you have to be born again. The Word says those who have not been born again, are (spiritually) dead men/women walking. Do you want a renewed mind and spirit? You must ask the only One who can give it to you.

God, I am reaching out to you because I desire to have a renewed mind and spirit. Please come into my heart and give my spirit life. I am offered this new life through Your Son Jesus. Help me to open my heart to receive this offer. Today, let me begin my new life.

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