What does it take for you to believe in something? Are you an empiricist; one who believes only that which we can perceive and experience with our senses is what’s real? Or maybe you are more of a skeptic; you are wary to believe in things you cannot see and therefore question everything. Or perhaps you have more agnostic leanings; you simply do not know what to believe and that truth is relative.

There are many philosophies and ideas that would take many years (lifetimes!) to contemplate and try to understand. There are many religions as well with different ideologies and belief systems. One could be overwhelmed at just the thought of it! Or perhaps you have not given much thought about it because life is comfortable where you’re at.

There was a man in history who wasn’t born into a wealthy family and didn’t seek to live a life of comfort. In fact, in many places He went, He made many people feel uncomfortable. He also spoke of ideas that were radical, controversial, and exceedingly unpopular with the culture of the day.

His name was Jesus.

And this Man also claimed exclusivity. He claimed He was the Son of God and not merely a pathway to God, but The Way to God. In the Roman Empire, the province of which He lived, the belief was that there were many gods and many pathways to eternity. He asked His disciples at one point, “Who do you say that I am?”

He is asking you the same question today.

Who do you believe Jesus was? A good man? Prophet? A Holy Sherpa that instructed people on how to try their best to live a holy life in order to reach…… enlightenment? Eylsium? Oblivion?

Or is He what He claimed to be – the Son of the Most High God who came to this earth to save humanity from that which they could not save themselves? That He is The One who died on the cross for us to bring us to life with Him eternally.

Do you believe it or not?

God, when I hear the story of Christ, and His great love for us, sometimes it is too grand for me to fully comprehend. I am sorry that sometimes I don't appreciate it as much as I should. Help me to grasp the meaning of this great story You have written for us. 

31 Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him…” Luke 24:31

Beautiful lavender fields.

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