Some people swear by the fact that their life is pursued and plagued by Murphy’s Law – whatever could go wrong… will. Have you ever felt that way? That no matter what, it just never seems that you can catch a break? Sometimes things happen that are out of our control, this is true. But some things may happen to us as a ripple effect from a prior choice we made.

Let me give you an example: I once found myself at the bank standing in front of the bank teller withdrawing some money. I forgot the exact amount I needed (let’s say $50). As I was fumbling around in my bag, the bank teller proceeded to hand over to me my change. The man began counting, “20, 40, 60, 80, 100….350”. Mind you, I only requested to withdraw $50. As he passed the $60 mark, and kept continuing, I was in small state of confusion. As he continued to count, I thought to myself, “It would be so easy to just take this money. Hey, it’s not my fault he can’t count. I can just leave.” But I knew in my heart that there was a God in heaven who was not so much concerned with the bank teller’s mistake, but more interested in what I would choose in this scenario. After the bank teller finished, I then told him about his mistake and that he gave me too much money. He thanked me profusely, gave me the correct change, and then I went on my way.

Now, I could have easily taken that money (that didn’t really belong to me), and I would have been definitely richer. I could have justified the matter in saying that I really needed this money for a certain bill, and this was God’s way of blessing me. It would be easy to think this way, but that does not mean it is true. God would never “bless” someone by using dishonest means. So you see, I could have taken that money dishonestly ($350) but later down the line, I would have had a car issue that I needed to get fixed that would have cost me $1,050 – three times as much. This is what I mean by a ripple effect. Sometimes the choices we make at an earlier time are a direct consequence of the current struggle we may find ourselves in.

Does this mean that if we do good, we can always count on good being done to us? Not necessarily so. Otherwise, that would be another religion called Christian Karma, and we wouldn’t need God as we would only have to rely on practicing good behavior so we can get good things.

On the flip side, I do my best to do the right thing (as in my example of the bank teller scenario), and I do find that things have worked out in my favor more often than not (money I thought I owed was cancelled, losing my wallet and someone who found it driving to my house to give it to me.) In my opinion, this is not Karma repaying me for good but rather a God who sees me and who lavishly bestows His blessings upon me because He cares about the way I live and is pleased with choices I have made. Do I still make mistakes and fail? Absolutely. But I ask God for forgiveness and pick myself up and try again. This is what we do being imperfect humans and this is the way of the Christian life.

Remember that God has plans for you but so does the enemy. The enemy would like to rob, kill, and destroy your life. Do not give the enemy a foothold by making really bad choices (living dishonestly, selfishly, self-seeking). Live life honoring God and darkness will be diverted.

God, I know that only good things happening to me in this life isn't promised but help that not discourage me. I know that You see me and that you care. I know that You bless those who honor You with their lives.  

20 “When they cry out to the Lord because of their oppressors, he will send them a Savior and Defender, and he will rescue them.” – Isaiah 19:20

Clouds of heaven.

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