Have you ever been close to death? Had a tragedy that pierced your heart and world? Or had a hope be completely destroyed in an instant? In that moment, what did you cling to? Whom did you call out to? Can anything that you are holding on to so tightly right now save you when you need it most?

Father, help me not forget You, for You are my Savior, my Rock, and my Fortress. I know now that everything else I have clung to disintegrates into ash when I need strength the most. You are the only One that can save me. 

10 For you have forgotten the God who saved you,
failed to remember the Rock of your strength;
so you plant pagan-style gardens
and set out vine-cuttings for a foreign god.
11 Though you make them grow on the day you plant them,
and in the morning your seedlings flower;
the crop will vanish the day disease comes,
a day of incurable pain. – Isaiah 17:10-11

Cross of Jesus that saves.

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