One of the things that you will find prevalent throughout our society today is skepticism. A lot of people say things that sound good about the issues that they claim matter but their actions tell a different story. Some people promise you heaven and earth, but their assurances never seem to come into fruition and we are left feeling tricked and hopeless. Naturally, this leaves us feeling very wary and skeptical to trust anyone and believe them at their word.

In time, people can carry those doubts over into the spiritual realm when it comes to God and His promises. You’ve heard and read the stories of God splitting the sea in two so His people could cross through to the other side. You’ve read about Jesus standing in the boat and speaking a word to the wind and waves that then became still at the sound of His voice. These stories may seem like familiar Sunday school stories and pages from a coloring book, but how real are they to you in your own life? When you can’t seem to find work anywhere, have been laid off from your job, or your hours have been drastically cut short, do you believe that God will still provide for you and make a way where there is no way? When things in your world seem to be falling apart right before your eyes, do you believe that Jesus can calm the storm of your own heart?

You may be going to church, praying, and saying all the right things, but what do you really believe? Do you sincerely trust that God can (and will) help you? What if Jesus asked you today to step out in faith and:

  • Keep sending out resumes even when there is no job offer in sight
  • Do a selfless act for your spouse even when you feel they don’t deserve it
  • Start caring for your body and health with exercise and eating right
  • Stop spending so much time procrastinating and wasting your time on social media
  • Go into deeper conversations with friends and family about Jesus and what His teachings have taught you

There was a man who went from hearing about God to having a deeper understanding and personal knowledge of God. His name was King David. God wasn’t just someone he heard about. He was his protector, guide, provider, rescuer, and friend. God wants to help you and change your life not in a distant future/vague hope kind of way but in a personal, real, and tangible way that you can experience today and right at this moment. He is the only one you can put your hope and trust in and He will never let you down.

God, I want to know You in the same way King David knew You. I want to experience the same kind of trust and assurance that he had in You so that way I can live life to the fullest; unafraid, courageous, and bold and then share with others in full confidence that a new life is possible with You. 

Psalm 40:3,10 – “…making my footing firm. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will look in awe and put their trust in Adonai…I declared Your faithfulness and salvation; I did not conceal Your grace and truth from the great assembly.”

God makes a way when there is no way. He is our Light and Guide.
Image by suju-foto from Pixabay

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