In the data results from a general social survey, the article headline from The Washington Post reads, “Americans are getting more miserable and there’s data to prove it.” In another survey, data shows that only one in every three Americans are very happy. Which category do you find yourself in? According to the data, one in every three Americans who read this blog would consider themselves unhappy and dissatisfied with life.

This is not an uncommon feeling and if you feel this way, you most certainly are not alone. What brings about these downcast and depressed states? It could be a number of things; a complex mix of scenarios. Many people put their hope in a certain person, place, or thing only to discover disillusionment when it doesn’t satisfy their needs in the way they thought it would. This disappointment is real and crippling.

What are some practical steps we can take to rise above the dark cloud of joylessness that desires to overwhelm us? We can:

  • Pray/Read God’s Word
  • Read the biographies of people who struggled yet triumphed over great adversity
  • Explore different avenues of exercise that you enjoy and can stick with: (i.e. running, Pilates, walking, fitness trampolines)
  • Talk with friends/family and ask their opinions on what kind of hobbies they think would be a good fit for you
  • Volunteer (Before the pandemic, I volunteered at a Hospice center. It was a very memorable experience, and I got to meet some amazing people who have since passed)

There are a number of avenues to explore and to see which fits your personality and style the best. Ask God to direct you to the right opportunities and He will. Trust in Him to lead you, and He will make your joy complete.

God, lately I've been feeling pretty down and I'm not even sure why. I just can't seem to shake off this dark shadow of unhappiness that surrounds me. Please pierce the darkness and let Your light shine through to show me the way to joy, contentment, and satisfaction. 

Lamentations 4:17 – “As for us, our eyes are worn out from looking in vain for help; we kept on watching and watching for a nation that couldn’t save us.”

He makes all things new and complete.
Image by Chinchu C from Pixabay

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