Throughout history, there was a peculiar way of sending messages by unconventional means; message delivery by the homing pigeon. This method of delivery by bird is as old as the ancient Persians whom this art of training fowls most likely came. The Greeks also adopted this technique and would communicate the names of the Olympic victors to their home cities and towns using the birds to deliver this important news.

In Biblical times, we read about Paul, the Disciples, and even Christ Himself, traveling by foot, boat, donkey, or using pen and paper to write books to deliver the message of the Good News to others. Other than very remote places we still find today, the method of delivering messages has changed drastically with the invention of e-mail, text, and the world wide web where messages can be transmitted instantly from one part of the globe to the other. With the emergence of these instantaneous methods of message delivery, one could also postulate that the urgency of advancing the message of the Good News has also intensified.

So what is the Good News? The Good news is that there was a man named Jesus who came to live on this earth and walked among us. But He was not only a good man or teacher as other religions state. He was the Son of God. He left His perfect home in heaven and came down to this earth to be mistreated and ultimately crucified on a cross because of His love for you. You see, you were headed to eternal destruction, and there was no way out, but God provided a way by sending His son to die in your place and bringing Him back to life on that glorious day. Because of Him, you are free from the bondage of sin and now have an incredible future and destiny that await. That is indeed Good News!

**Today’s prayer is a little longer than could fit on a Post-it note, but it is important just the same! (So maybe grab two or three) 🙂

God, I used to think that there were variations and different degrees of sin and that some people were worse sinners than me (murderers, rapists, child molesters) and they are the ones who need Jesus. In my pride, I believed I was not that bad and that I am a good person. So Christ died for people like that and really didn't need to die for a good person like me. Until I realized, that all sin is the same to you and I found myself in the same boat as the most vile of sinners - headed toward eternal destruction. Forgive me! I am a sinner in need of Your grace. Please reach down from heaven and save me! I know now the price you payed for my life, and I am forever grateful for your forgiveness. Please come into my heart and save me, Jesus. Amen.   

Acts 18:5 – “Saul felt pressed by the urgency of the message…”

Message of the Good News.
Image by Margit Wallner from Pixabay

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