No one is immune from feelings of sadness and depression. At some point, we all experience it to some level and degree. It can come and linger over us like a dark cloud for a period of time, or it can come and overwhelm us like a flood all at once. Because we live in a fallen world, there is no escaping it; we have all gone through it, will go through it, and some may be currently struggling through it.

There may be no way of avoiding it all together in this life, but God has given us the tools to go through it and come out stronger and victorious on the other side. Whatever battle you might be fighting right now, or may face in the future, God is with you. He understands what you are going through, no matter how complex the situation, and He is there to lean on and give you the strength that you need.

His Word says He created us, loves us, rescues us, and sustains us. God will not abandon you ever. The enemy wants you to believe that God doesn’t really care or isn’t strong enough to help you. Do not fall for this deception. When the enemy attacks you in this way, brandish your Sword of Truth against him and say:

  • I am greatly loved.
  • I am not afraid for God is with me.
  • God is my peace.
  • God is my strength when I am weak.
  • God has seen me through this far and He will never abandon me.
  • My trust is in God Alone!

… and then watch the enemy flee.

Trust God, stand firm, and expect His deliverance!

God, sometimes life feels like I'm swimming in a great big ocean and treacherous waves are crashing over my head. I am frantically trying to keep my head above water only to be crushed by the next tsunami of a wave. Help me! Be my deliverance! Pull me up and let me find rest in You.

Daniel 10:19 – “He said, ‘You are so greatly loved, don’t be afraid. Shalom to you and be strong, yes, truly strong.’ His speaking to me strengthened me, and I said, ‘My LORD, keep speaking because you’ve given me strength.'”

Sadness and depression can bring about waves of fear over us.
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

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