There is an image in our society of a strong, independent, business woman that is very much revered. The depiction of this woman can be summed up in the Pinterest-esque photos that accompany the simple hashtag #bossbabe. When we look at the photos of these beautiful and empowered women, we feel our desires bubble to the surface to be just like them. As Christian women, we may wonder – Is it wrong for us to want to achieve more? The answer lies within our methods that we use to accomplish our goals.

In Scripture, we read about an original #bossbabe and her name was Lydia. She was a business woman who amassed great wealth buying and selling extremely rare (and very expensive) purple dye. The Bible does not go into details of how she built a franchise and then grew it into a business empire – in a male-dominated society no less – but we can all imagine the fortitude and determination that it must have taken for her to achieve that level of success.

But one thing we do know about Lydia that, most undoubtedly, was a major factor to her success is the fact that she was a God-fearer. While she was born and raised to believe and worship a pantheon of the gods and goddesses of Thyatira, her hometown, she rebelled against this culture and instead questioned, examined, and sought out the Jewish claims of the One True God and wanted to know more. We then learn that she not only believed but also began the first Christian church on Greek soil.

Lydia’s example provides for us Christian women a good role model to follow. Through her, we see that having ambition and working hard to achieve goals is something we should all strive for. This is not a bad thing to do. But we also see that she had a heart for God and kept her heart open to His voice so she could follow wherever He led.

It is okay to go forward and work hard to make your dreams happen. Just do not make your dream and ambition your idol. Do not let it get to the point where you forget God and make your pursuits selfish in nature. Instead, adopt Lydia’s example; work hard, pursue dreams, and follow God.

God, You know all of my hopes and dreams. Please give me the grit and perseverance to achieve my goals. Also, keep my heart aligned with Your will for my life. Only You can create a life where my dreams and aspirations align with Your will and lead me to live the abundant life.  

Acts 16:14 – “One of them, Lydia, was a businesswoman…she was a true worshiper of God…”

Purple dye like what the business woman in the Bible Lydia bought and sold.
Image by ctvgs from Pixabay

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