Do you remember the moment when you first believed? For some, it was like fireworks. They can remember the exact moment, time, day, and hour. It was an explosion of the realization they were in need of a Savior which lead to a confession and then a heartfelt plea for the Holy Spirit to live in their heart. For others, it came softly as they can’t remember a time when they did not feel an affinity towards the light and have always felt like a beloved child of God.

Whatever your history, it is special and it is a memoir that someone needs to hear. What is also special is your journey so far and the experiences you have gone through. Think of other Christian brothers and sisters in the past who have written memorable books you’ve read or preached thought-provoking sermons. These have been born from real-life experiences, sometimes painful, and you have learned and benefited greatly from them.

The knowledge and experiences you have gained along the way can help benefit others too. Perhaps it is a difficult lesson that you had to learn, or maybe it was a time when you saw how God had made a way for you when there was no way. You don’t have to be a grand orator or be the next Billy Graham and reach millions for your story to matter. You can share your story with a neighbor or a co-worker, a sibling or a child and make a profound impact on someone’s life. Just share and let God handle the rest.

God, thank you for sending people my way who have helped encourage me along my journey.  I desire to help others too. Give me the boldness to share my story with others and help me point to You.  

Jeremiah 31:21 – “Set up road signs, erect guideposts, pay attention to the highway, the path on which you’ve traveled.”

Two people looking at a pathway finding a way.
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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