In the Bible, there are many examples and scenarios where we see that God is very interested and involved in the lives of individual people. The Books of Numbers, I and II Chronicles, I and II Kings list long names of individual people whom God all knew. We also read the stories of those whose names are most familiar to us: David, Jonah, Moses, and Paul, and we see how God interacted with them personally, disciplined them, guided them, and poured His blessings out on them.

Just as God is attentive to the lives of individual people, He also has His eye on nations and what they do collectively and as a whole. Nations wield a lot of power over their own people, and history reveals this power can be used for great good or for great evil. Just as some individuals have no regard for God and His ways, there are some nations that also do not acknowledge God or even His Word. But just as it is in each individual person’s case, so it is with each powerful nation; God’s existence is not dependent on their acknowledgement. He exists and so do His judgements. And all will be held to account.

As children of the Light, we obey God’s laws by being good citizens and respecting others. We also must honor those in authority over us as that is what stated in God’s Word. We do not need to worry about our futures. His Word says He has given us a hope and a future. There is One Judge and His Word states that even the most powerful of nations are nothing more than dust on a scale to Him. So nations, beware. The Judge watches from above, and His name is El Roi – the God who sees.

God, when I look at the world and think upon history, I see the power of nations and how great they are. Sometimes I become afraid when I think I am only one person in this great big sea of power. But then I remember I am the daughter of the Most High, and I can feel my strength return. Thank you for helping me. 

Malachi 3:5 – “Then I will approach you for judgement; and I will be quick to witness…against those who take advantage of wage-earners, widows, and orphans; against those who…don’t fear Me.”

The great big sea created by The Most High.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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