In Ancient Rome, there were many gods one could choose from to worship. These idols could be fashioned by human hands and placed on altars or shrines in order to perform rituals and offerings. People would pay their respects to the gods in order to appease them with the purpose to manipulate them in order to get what they want. When we fast forward over 2,000 years, not much has changed in regards to the way humans worship. Many Christians treat God more like a good luck charm and live by the philosophy of Christian Karma rather than by the Word of Truth. Some utter the word of God on their lips but live in a such a way of worshiping only themselves as god while others take pride in their own piety and goodness and believe God will answer their every whim and desire because of their religiosity.

These are man-made delusions and tangled webs of lies designed to obscure the simple truth revealed in God’s Word to us – salvation is obtained through faith and trust in God. This is not something we can obtain on our own through manipulation or self-righteousness. Salvation is not dependent on us but rather it is a free gift given by the Most High God who loves us.

This truth is simple yet powerful enough to change your life and eternal destiny!

God, there are no different grades and levels of sins ranging from small sins to big ones. They are all the same to You because Your standard is perfect. I confess to You my sins. Please come and live in my heart. I trust in You. 

Acts 16:29-31 “Calling for the lights, the jailer ran in, began to tremble and fell down in front of Paul and Silas. Then, leading them outside, he said, ‘Men, what must I do to be saved?’ They said, ‘Trust in the LORD Yeshua, and you will be saved…'”

Cross of Jesus on paper nailed to a wooden door.

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