In yesterday’s devotion, we talked about the need for people to feel secure and how God provides that assurance for us. It is important, though, that we remain discerning and close to God even during those times that we do feel at rest and safe because there is an enemy that manipulates and deceives and can use our sense of security against us.


When you look around and see the things God has blessed you with, if you find yourself beginning to turn inward and praising yourself for all you have accomplished, and do not acknowledge God, you are treading on dangerous ground. When work is good, the money is rolling in, and you no longer feel the need to depend on God but instead begin to fill up with self-praise and pride, you turn the security and safety that God gives into a self-perceived, false sense of security, and that is exactly where the enemy wants you; weak and powerless.

There is a perception that the enemy only comes in the midst of chaos, disorder, and confusion. That is true, yes, but his most preferred environment (and his most destructive) is in the midst of false peace. Because when we become so wrapped up in our own sense of self-pride and false security, we become blind to the dangers of the enemy who only wants to steal, kill, and destroy. Keep close to God, even during the good times, and He will truly keep you safe.

God, I'm sorry for the times that I became complacent and didn't really acknowledge or think about You. I do not want a false sense of security. I want the kind of security and peace that can only come from You. Help me stay close to You.

Daniel 8:25 – “He will succeed through craftiness and deceit, become swelled with pride, and destroy many people just when they feel the most secure.”

Dark gloomy forest.
Image by Jordan Stimpson from Pixabay

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