The truth about certain things regarding us can sometimes feel like a painful sting. I recently had a situation where I had been feeling pretty good about my own job performance, perhaps even getting a little complacent and self-pleased about my work. I was going along my merry way when I came across an assignment where I had to team up with another person in order to complete a task for a client. Very soon into the work, I could see that the level of expertise of this team member far exceeded my own, and I suddenly began to feel inferior; my self-assured confidence quickly evaporating right before my eyes.

I thought I was pretty good at my work, but this newfound reality – that there is someone out there better than me – really stung. I didn’t do so well on the task required of me and the whole scenario got me pretty down. But I also did not want this experience go to waste. I remember it when I begin to feel myself slacking and instead push myself to strive to be better and continue working really hard.

Being exposed to our shortcomings and weaknesses is not a fun experience. It can be painful and even discouraging. But we should not shut our eyes to reality and the truth even when it hurts. God uses those moments for our good; to help us become the best version of ourselves we can be. Thank God for caring enough to show you the hard truth, and then ask Him to give you the strength and courage to continue moving forward.

God, I don't like it when the truth reveals my own weaknesses and flaws. Sometimes, I would rather turn away and not think about it much less have to face it. Help me where I am weak, and please provide me the opportunities that help build my strength and push me to be the best I can be. 

Ephesians 5:13 – “But everything exposed to the light is revealed clearly for what it is…”

Little seed growing into a tree.

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