Imagine for a moment that whatever you wanted and wished for in life was guaranteed to happen; that you could never fail. Or consider that feeling you get when you know that someone you love loves you back, and that they will always love you for who you are. What type of emotions do those scenarios bring to your spirit? Perhaps joy, thankfulness, and confidence. Whatever the sentiment, it feels incredible and as if there is nothing you can’t be or do.

When we are guaranteed something, we stand bold and confident. Fear has no place to latch on to because the assurance and promise of that guarantee holds more power. We can approach God in the same way – expectant and secure, unafraid and fearless. In fact, His Word invites us to.

You see, when we are close with God (reading His Word, praying, being doers of the Word and not just hearers), we are in His will. And when we are actively living in and seeking His will, we can boldly approach Him and ask whatever it is we desire and He will give it to us. It is a guarantee. So live bold, confident, and unafraid in the assurances and promises of God!

God, when I keep my focus on You and Your Word, I feel as if there is nothing I can't be or do. In You is everything I seek. Thank You that Your Word is true and that Your promises are guaranteed. 

Jeremiah 30:21 – “‘I will cause him to come close…for, otherwise, who would guarantee his heart enough to approach me?’ says Adonai.”

Praying God's Word and seeking His will.

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