Can you think back to a time when a friend really came through for you? Maybe you found yourself with a flat tire and they instantly came to your aid. Or perhaps you weren’t feeling very well and they brought over to you your favorite home-cooked meal. Whatever the situation or circumstance you were in, that friend, through their acts of kindness, shared that burden with you and it made your way lighter.

God can work through such friends to help us along our journey. Or sometimes His help comes in such a way that you are sure only He could have made it happen. But God wants us to remember those times that we have been helped for a purpose. When things start to go awry and we begin to feel ourselves giving into fear, remember all the different ways God has helped you and then trust in Him. Also, be that friend that helps someone else and share with them the stories of your deliverance and how God is ready to help them too.

God, I am so grateful for Your help. Thank You for sending me good friends who have had my back and made my way a little easier. Help me also to be a good friend to others. You have done so many good things for me and to You alone I give thanks.

Acts 14:17 – “…because He does good things, giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons, filling you with food and your hearts with happiness!”

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