Our lives are shaped by little details. Big decisions are not made without those smaller parts that come before it. That’s why these pieces that, at first glance, may seem so insignificant and inconsequential are, in reality, all a part of the bigger picture.

One component that will always offset and keep our lives imbalanced is pride. Pride can take many forms but no matter what the configuration, it will always bring the same effect – a life built on a lie. We cannot live life with traces of pride sprinkled in each little detail if we want the structure of lives to be sure and stable. Let us not deceive ourselves and think the small details of life don’t matter. If they matter to God, they should matter to us too.

God, help me see the importance of giving You even the small details in my life. I invite You into every part of my life not just the "big" things. To You, nothing is "big" or "small" because You see it as all the same.  

Jeremiah 29:31: – “This [false prophet]… has caused you to put your trust in a lie.”

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