Beside an old dirt country road, there is a little house that sits against the backdrop of the setting sun. The chirping sounds of the crickets are faint, and the glittering lights of fireflies are sprinkled throughout the field. From the outside, you can see a soft, faint glow flickering through the windows and, right outside the door, there is a lantern shining its light in contrast to the darkening sky.

The story goes that this lantern’s light has been burning since the beginning of time; assisting travelers along the way. This humble abode and its lantern light are remarkable and unique in the way that they appear whenever the lost traveler calls out for help no matter where they may be. Those who see it know they are now safe and which way they need to go in order to continue moving forward.

God’s light never burns out. He always has been, and always will be, there to help you along the way.

God, thank You for always being my Guiding Light when I need it the most.  Forgive me for the times I get distracted and get my focus off of You. Turn my eyes to Your Light and show me The Way to go.

Leviticus 24:2 – “…bring pure oil…for the light, to keep lamps burning always.”

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