Everybody, at some point, was a beginner at something. They may have gained their knowledge through being self-taught or mastered their craft by observing a teacher or guide. Forging a path on one’s own and by way of self-discipline is not impossible, but it can be a heavier burden to carry than learning from one who has gone before.

A well-traveled guide is experienced in navigating the paths others desire to follow. They know the dangers, pitfalls, and possible threats. They are also experienced with which supplies to be equipped with, how to clear the roads, and which paths to follow that lead to stunning views.

Where do you find yourself in your journey today? Maybe you are lost and disoriented; afraid and fearful because the path you were following has now vanished and you no longer know The Way. Perhaps you have paused on the path to take in the incredibly amazing and breathtaking view before you. Wherever you find yourself, you can either call on the only Guide who can help get you back on The Way or stop and reflect to thank Him for bringing you this far.

God, I am so thankful and grateful that You have gone before me and have made a way for my journey. There is nothing I have to fear when I follow the path You have created for me. Help me to always remain close to You. 

Deuteronomy 31:3 – “The LORD your God – He will cross over ahead of you.”

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