There are certain things we do to commemorate special events in our lives. A Happy Birthday song to welcome in another year. A wedding ceremony to celebrate the joining of two lives. An end-of-life gathering to honor the life of a loved one. In the same way we have these milestones to remember important moments in our lives, we should also create a keepsake to bring to remembrance the way God has intervened, helped, provided, and/or rescued us along the way.

In ancient Old Testament times, God’s people would build altars of remembrance throughout their journeys. These altars symbolized the times when God had made His presence known in dramatic ways, and they wanted to remember those moments of His incredible rescue and help.

Altars of remembrance are helpful to us when life gets difficult, confusing, or dark because they remind us how God is faithful and will continue to be so. We may not be able to see what He is doing in our current situation/trial, but we can be sure that He has carried us through in the past, and He will do it time and time again.

God, as I read through my journals, I realize they are my altar of remembrance to You. I am able to read and remember all the times You have been faithful in my life, and I no longer am afraid. Thank You for Your help in times of trouble and for Your great blessings in my life. I love You. 

1 Samuel 14:35 “Then Saul built an altar to God; it was the first altar he built to God.”

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