A traveler visiting archaeological sites of Peru, most likely will find themselves walking among ancient constructed temples. The visitor, emerging from the lush landscape, would see before them a large plaza and then a staircase before an amazing temple. And on either side of the staircase are images of jaguars and mythical figures; rows of stone heads, half-human, with contorted figured expressions, all appearing to be moving towards the temple. Once the traveler enters the temple, they soon realize it is filled with many narrow passages, almost maze-like, that are hidden from the outside. It is dark but, every now and then, there are shafts that let natural light filter through them. The temple is also filled with bats. After time is spent exploring the structure, you begin to get a feeling that this temple was perhaps purposefully designed to create a sense of confusion and distortion, and you soon discover you no longer know where you are going or how to get out.

This imagery is symbolic of different spiritual journeys. In the beginning, we may be drawn to something because it seems mysterious, even beautiful, and we want to know more about it. So we slowly turn our attention to it and then eventually find ourselves immersed in it. We begin to realize it looks much different than it first appeared. Things are becoming more narrow, dark, and creatures we can’t see evoke our minds with fear. But every now and then, there is a shaft where the light pierces the darkness, and we are reminded to call upon the only One who can help us.

God, sometimes I get myself in situations and messes that I didn't mean to happen but did. Or maybe I've just been here in this place so for so long that I no longer know how I got here or know my way out. Please forgive me and rescue me from myself. Only You can deliver me.

Acts 13:26 – “Brothers! Sons of Abraham and those among you who are God-fearers! It is to us that the message of this deliverance has been sent!”

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