In God’s Word, we learn and discover many spiritual truths. In the physical world around us, we can reinforce the spiritual truths we have learned. In the same way we exercise our mind and faith to become stronger, we must also exercise our body. Physical exercise and spiritual exercise complement each other in many ways.

  • Core / God’s Word – we grow our strength from the core of our body. Maintaining a strong core gives us correct form and balance.
  • Stability / Faith – We train our bodies to remain stable no matter what obstacles may come our way that try and knock us down.
  • Endurance / Perseverance – We keep moving forward, even when it gets tough, and we find ourselves growing stronger a little more each day.
  • Discovery / Journey – Not all exercise is created equal. One person may despise running while another may find complete joy in it. Discovering what type of physical exercise you enjoy most (to keep you inspired and motivated) is key. Journeying with God helps us discover what brings joy and a renewing of the mind; moving us to fresh and new ways to honor Him with our lives.
God, thank You for the gift of exercise. Help me discover what kind of exercise I can do that will keep me motivated and help me grow into the best version of myself that I can be. I want to honor You with both my mind and body. 

1 Kings 18:46 – “…but the LORD’S power strengthened Elijah. He gathered up his clothes and ran…”

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