Having something new and being new at something can evoke two very different feelings. Having a new outfit, a new house, the “newness” of Spring, brings feelings of happiness, possibilities, and even confidence. But being new at something doesn’t always feel so good; a first day on the job, the first time trying out a new group exercise class, the first time cooking a new recipe. Oftentimes, these moments are messy, nerve-wracking, and can even cause us to do a metaphorical face plant. The amazing thing about God, though, is He doesn’t mind if what we try to do isn’t perfect. As long as we include Him in our plans, He is happy to see us trying and living a life of faith. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

God, thank You for leading me on a new journey. Help me not feel disappointed or embarassed by my mistakes but instead confident and proud of myself for learning something new. Thank you for new opportunities. 

1 Samuel 7:12 – “Then Samuel took a stone saying, ‘Thus far the LORD has helped us.'”

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