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Deep Roots (#88)

Let’s delve deeper into a universal aspect of the human condition. We have all planted roots into something. Whether it be in a belief, attitude, relationship, mindset, or worldview. It is the place that we come back to in order to feel comforted, relieved, or reassured. In the Christian faith, believers understand that the place…

The Valley of Disappointment (#87)

We can all relate to feelings of disappointment at some level. May be some evening plans that you had been looking forward to didn’t pan out. Or perhaps someone had promised to do something for you but they didn’t keep their end of the bargain. Even more serious instances can occur, for example, losing work/a…

Anthem of Light (#86)

Do you know what it means to pray for your life? Some people have experienced, or have witnessed a beloved family member of friend, go through a terrible and debilitating disease and have prayed to Jehovah Rapha (the God who heals) for restoration. Others have experienced emotional pain that has damaged and broken their heart…

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