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Light and Revelation (#96)

There are many kinds of books available throughout the world. These books include fiction, biographies, history, and genuine stories of real-life occurrences, among other genres. These are the books that we read that tell us about other people’s tales and their lives, or that tell us about imaginary worlds created by the authors’ imaginations. There…

The Promise of Again (#95)

Some people are able to divide their lives into two: the first half of their life and then the second half of their life. And if asked, they would be able to pinpoint the exact moment when their life was split in two. What people will discover is that the event that takes place in…

Prayers in the Dust (#94)

God opens doors in the hope that we will enter them. There is a sense of new beginnings, rekindled hope, and a clean slate with the arrival of the New Year. But what happens when we turn around and realize our pain and hurt aren’t as far away as we thought, and that they’ve followed…

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